Pfizer Ditches Anti-White Fellowship Following A Discrimination Lawsuit

About half a year after civil rights lawyers claimed the program broke federal law, Pfizer has nixed previous requirements that one must be non-white in order to apply for its ‘minorities-only’ fellowship.

Web archives reported on by The Washington Free Beacon revealed that between the dates of Feb. 14 and Feb. 18 Pfizer quietly got rid of a stipulation of the fellowship stating that applicants must be black, Hispanic, or American Indian in order to qualify for the program.

That being said, it does appear the program continues to push extreme left-wing ideology, as seen in its description welcoming applications from college juniors who offer a “demonstrated commitment” to “diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

The company’s application guidelines now write that one is “eligible to apply for the Breakthrough Fellowship Program regardless of whether you are of Black/African American, Latino/Hispanic, or Native American descent.”

These modifications to the program come after a medical advocacy group called Do No Harm filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging the fellowship’s barring of white applicants constituted a form of racial discrimination. The filing was originally thrown out by a federal judge in December over lack of standing but was later appealed by Do No Harm on Jan. 4.

“This significant change was made only after Do No Harm’s lawsuit, and only because Pfizer knows its fellowship is in jeopardy on appeal,” Do No Harm Chairman Stanley Goldfarb commented on the matter. “Do No Harm is pleased that Pfizer recognizes its blatant racial discrimination is unlawful and immoral.”

A spokesman representing Pfizer informed the Free Beacon that the fellowship’s intentions had not changed and that “a broad coalition” assists with “our ability to meet these goals.”

Other large corporations who are reportedly facing lawsuits over race-based initiatives include Starbucks and Amazon.

This news comes after Pfizer faced a controversy following reported revelations that a company executive named Jordon Trishton Walker admitted the group is looking into mutating existing viruses in order to “develop new vaccines, right?”

The executive added, “If we’re going to do that, though, there’s a risk of, like, as you could imagine, no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f——- viruses. ”

Walker seemed quite upset after he was confronted with recordings of his own words, as was seen in a viral video of him seemingly melting down following questions by company founder James O’Keefe.


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