Planned Parenthood Claims ‘Any Reason Is The Right Reason’ For Abortion

In celebrating Pride Month, abortion mill Planned Parenthood proclaimed in a tweet that “any reason is the right reason” to get an abortion — linking a brief video to their post of a so-called “transgender” person calling her abortion “one of the best decisions” she had ever made.

Planned Parenthood also noted in their post that people can help normalize abortion by sharing their personal stories about terminating their unborn children.

“When it comes to your abortion, any reason is the right reason. Telling your abortion story is important, and the more we talk about this essential form of health care, the more normalized it becomes,” the tweet read.

The video shows a woman who claims to be a transgender man discussing her abortion and how she receives so-called “gender-affirming care” from Planned Parenthood.

The woman, identified by the name Lucky, explains in her video that she had gotten into a “very, very difficult relationship” and later discovered that she was pregnant. She goes on to argue that killing her unborn child was “one of the greatest acts of compassion” that she “ever committed” — calling it an “easy decision” and “one of the best decisions” she had ever made.

Alongside promoting abortion, Planned Parenthood has also been pushing radical gender ideology — posting a tweet last week discussing the promotion and normalization of “multigender” and “gender fluid” identities.

Planned Parenthood claimed in the tweeted that “you and only you know how you feel about your gender identity, and you get to decide what identity fits you best. It’s perfectly normal if that feeling and identity changes day-to-day or over time, so don’t limit yourself to one gender if it doesn’t feel right.”

Included in the tweet was a slide arguing that “feeling like you’re multiple genders is totally normal and OK.”

Conservatives blasted Planned Parenthood’s push to normalize abortion on Twitter.

“Straight, gay, gender confused…I’m against abortion for every human. Can the LGBTQI+ lobby say the same? They can’t because of their incestuous relationship w/ Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortionist. Equal rights begin in the womb,” wrote Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life.