Poll: Biden Viewed As ‘DISHONEST And INCOMPETENT’ As He Bleeds Support

Over six months ago, President Joe Biden said he would commit to transparency at the southern border. When asked about a time frame, Biden said, “I will commit to transparency, and as soon as I’m in a position to be able to implement what we’re doing right now. One of the reasons I haven’t gone down, my chief folks have gone down. I don’t want this to become an issue. I don’t want to bring all the secret service and everybody with me to get in the way.” That’s such a poor excuse and a lie. Plenty of politicians have visited the southern border, including former President Donald Trump while he was president.

You saw that Biden campaigned on “transparency” and “unity” but has done nothing but divide Americans on so many issues. It is like former President Barack Obama’s presidency where Black Americans and White Americans were divided even further when Obama polarized every incident where police killed a Black American. Where do you think Biden learned it from?

Over six months ago, at the same press conference, Biden said that the press would have full access to what the Biden administration had going on. That was one of the many lies that Biden had told the American people.

Now that poll numbers aren’t supporting Biden, and he has to divert and double down. His diversion of responsibility and disregard for truth is causing Americans to suffer. His double down of Covid-19 vaccine mandates is causing Americans to lose their jobs and not support their families. On the flip side, former President Donald Trump still brings in tens of thousands to his rallies. Just think about that.

According to the Quinnipiac University National Poll, Biden’s approval rating is 38%, and is anyone surprised?

The president who got the most votes ever even got 48% approval for handling the Covid-19 pandemic. The lowest support was the southern border at 23%, immigration issues at 25%, and foreign policy at 38%.

The most interesting part is that 55% of Americans say that Biden is incompetent. Everyone already knew that the Biden administration had some real issues going on, but that’s a new low. Only 28% of Americans say that things are going well in the nation today, and only 29% of Americans say the economy is excellent or good, while 69% describe it as not so good (35%) or poor (34%).

Biden knows all of this, too. He can say that he hasn’t seen polls or know about them, but he knows. The White House briefs him on every issue from Covid-19 to the length of the grass in front of the White House, and this poll isn’t slipping by the White House staff’s radar.