Pope Francis Is Dying And There Is A Rogue Journalist That’s “Missing Context”

If you haven’t heard by now, Pope Francis is dying. John Gizzi with Newsmax broke the story from a source, and, interestingly, this news was released around the same time that the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was happening.

Gizzi said, “Pope Francis is dying. Vatican insiders, including my source, do not believe he will survive past 2022.”

However, this information has been disputed, but with the internet and social media these days, word travels fast.

Bree Dail, a Rome correspondent and The Epoch Times host, tweeted, “No, I cannot confirm any of the assertions or allegations made in this report, published by @newsmax.”

That’s even odder.

The Newsmax report says no specific cited reason, but the Pope spent ten days in the hospital earlier this year for surgery. The story also notes that there are already motions to prepare the College of Cardinals to elect a new pope. If Vice President Kamala Harris is polling so badly, why doesn’t she do it?

It should be noted that the article has to be paid for to view. It’s fishy at best and click-bait at the least.

With COVID-19 traveling around and more variants, there’s a possibility that the source said that he’s unlikely to be alive past 2022 because of normal health scares as well as the COVID-19 virus or that because of his age, there are doubts that he will live that long.

A moral and ethical responsibility goes into reporting on someone dying that seems off-putting. If the source lied or the reporter lied, then action should be taken against them. In a world of liars in journalism, you have to be careful what you read and interpret as fact. Not everything that emotionally captivates you is accurate. Not everything is false, either.

When the Pope met with President Joe Biden, he seemed in good health while listening to Biden tell him a story about a baseball player for whatever reason. Then, I guess the story went so well that Biden re-told it during a press conference later on. It’s like a test run for the real thing. Biden should have kept the word “negro” out of the story during the press conference, though. Where’s the Democratic outrage for that? The best we got was a fact check that said it was “missing context,” right. Thanks, Politico. You’re doing it over there.