Portland Antifa Mob Attacks Fellow Leftist Business

Portland remains the epicenter of radical left-wing activity, with recent attacks targeting both a local butcher shop and a prominent bookstore.

On Sunday, a blog associated with Rose City Antifa declared responsibility for an attack on Pasture PDX, a northeast Portland butcher shop known for its ethically sourced meat and support of LGBT rights. Despite its progressive stance and advocacy for reduced meat consumption, the shop became a target for its affiliation with animal products. The attackers, claiming solidarity with anarchist “antispeciesist” activists, disabled the shop’s power, aiming to spoil the meat and, by their own admission, targeted nearby stores “for fun.”

Rose City Antifa’s involvement in the attack points to the reality that fealty to radical leftist causes is never sufficient to shield one from their wrath. Indeed, the left always turns on itself, and is never satisfied with any concession.

Meanwhile, another act of leftist intolerance was recently carried out in a mob scene at Powell’s Books. The bookstore and landmark in Portland’s cultural landscape was assaulted over its decision to sell Andy Ngo’s book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.” The protestors, demanding the removal of Ngo’s book, engaged in what can only be described as modern-day book burning and a demand for the utter elimination of “wrongthink.”

These actions are not isolated incidents but rather part of a broader pattern of behavior that seeks to suppress dissent or deviation from a prescribed political ideology. The targeting of a local butcher shop and a respected bookstore underlines the extent to which radical elements are willing to go to enforce their narrative.

The implications of these events extend far beyond the immediate damage and disruption caused. They serve as a chilling reminder of the power of mob mentality and the ease with which it can be mobilized to silence opposing views. The irony is palpable as those claiming to fight fascism adopt tactics that are overtly fascist.

The descent into violence and censorship is a path that leads only to the erosion of civil discourse and the undermining of the very foundations of our democracy. As Portland continues to struggle with these issues, citizens and leaders alike must stand against the tide of intolerance and violence. Only through open dialogue and the robust exchange of ideas can we address the underlying issues fueling these conflicts and move toward a more peaceful and inclusive society.

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