Post Spreads Story Demonizing Conservatives Over Transgender Mass Murderer

The Washington Post and its mainstream media cohorts are doing everything in their power to run cover for the accused transgender shooter at Nashville’s Covenant School.

Post Reporter Fenit Nirappil accused “conservative commentators and Republican politicians” of carrying out a “wave of anti-trans rhetoric.” He noted that transgender people “rarely” carry out mass shootings, as if this should preclude anyone from mentioning the identity of the shooter.

He added that mass shooters are predominately “cisgender men.”

The accused killer of six was identified by Nashville police as 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who self-identified as transgender and used masculine pronouns on social media.

Police have had her “manifesto” since Monday, but almost no information has been released as to Hale’s motivation for the massacre.

Statements by former President Donald Trump and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) were cited by Nirappil to demonstrate that conservatives are whipping up anger against the trans community. Both noted the possible dangerous effects of hormone treatments on the recipient.

The Washington Post article continued with commentary from Ari Drennan, identified as a trans woman with the liberal Media Matters of America. She denigrated conservatives for their opposition to, among other things, “gender affirming care.”

Drennan added, “I didn’t really think it was possible to escalate from implying we are pedophiles, but we are seeing this escalate into people calling trans people violent terrorists.”

Interestingly, the Post article was originally behind the outlet’s paywall. Nirappil tweeted that the outlet removed the blockage to spread this “important story about intensifying rhetoric against a marginalized community.”

Twitter was not kind to the Washington Post’s evangelizing their current most-favored group. One user sarcastically noted that the transgender population presently has the support of “every federal, corporate, and media power center.”

Another questioned just how “marginalized” people may be when they “get more positive press than any group ever.”

Yet another believed that the group truly being marginalized is actual women.

The mainstream media had no issues with delving into the personal characteristics of the Buffalo grocery store mass shooter, nor should they. But to circle the wagons to protect the intimate details of the alleged Nashville perpetrator’s life is the height of hypocrisy.

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