President Joe Biden Was “Chastised” By Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) did best and blasted President Joe Biden for his stupidity. Cruz is level-headed and factual during congressional hearings most of the time, and although he’s abrupt, he hits the nail on the head.

Surprisingly, Biden’s Administration has urged families of United States officials in Ukraine to leave the country because of the mounting threat from Russia. It would have been beneficial for Biden to have done that during the withdrawal from Afghanistan, but that didn’t happen, and people lost their lives, including 13 US service members killed in a suicide bombing. Biden’s Administration also had intel that the suicide bombing would happen.

Cruz said, “Look, I got to say, it’s pitiful.”

That’s the most comprehensive statement said by Biden’s Administration. It’s not even Biden himself, but everyone on his staff. Vice President Kamala Harris has been substantially ineffective at her job and has gone out of her way to be terrible at it.

Cruz continued, “It’s almost as if you feel sorry for him. He’s completely out of his depth. If you look at what Biden has done with Russia, it’s the same thing he’s done with China, it’s the same thing he’s done with Iran, and it’s the same thing he’s done with the Taliban: he’s demonstrated weakness.”

It wasn’t hyperbole when many people warned the country that Biden was a weak leader. Biden’s corrupt accusations, and some proof, with his son, Hunter Biden, and his inability to get through a sentence has been detrimental for the US as a whole, and this is only one year into his presidency.

Cruz also noted that he pushed a vote for sanctions on Russia for Nord Stream II, and former President Donald Trump even signed it. Then Biden waived sanctions on Nord Stream II so that Putin could have a pipeline. It wasn’t long after that Europe began to complain that Russia started pumping less natural gas ahead of Nord Stream II launch.

Cruz said, “When Joe Biden was elected, he lifted the sanctions and delivered Putin a multi-trillion-dollar gift. And it’s why there are Russian troops and tanks on Ukraine’s border right now because Biden has been so weak that he has effectively surrendered to Putin.”

When Cruz mentioned Biden’s comments about a bit of incursion, it’s accurate.

“I mean, what’s a few tanks between friends?”

Yes, it’s a serious matter, but the comparison is funny, and there’s no better way to get through Biden’s time in office with a bit of laughter. It’s all going up in flames, and there’s no end in sight. The most we can hope for is an intense midterm election in 2022 that kicks the Democrats and RHINOs out of Congress. A little bird said an impeachment hearing and probes were coming.