Prince Andrew Isn’t Free Yet The Queen “Strips” Him Of His Royal Ties

Regardless of what Prince Andrew thinks, he’s not in a good place in this life. Andrew has been stripped of his military and royalties because he’s in the midst of a lawsuit brought on from his ties to Jeffrey Epstein, who didn’t kill himself.

Allegations of carnal assault on minors against Andrew have been coming out for years, and Andrew claims that his involvement has been covered by Epstein’s lawsuit that was settled while Epstein was still alive. The lawsuit was initially settled in 2009, but a judge allowed it to proceed.

Virginia Giuffre’s lawyer says, “Today’s decision by Judge Kaplan denying Prince Andrew’s effort to dismiss Virginia Giuffre’s case against him is another important step in Virginia’s heroic and determined pursuit of justice as a survivor of trafficking.”

The “Duke of York” is still on the Royal Families website. Still, The Royal Family tweeted, “With The Queen’s approval and agreement, The Duke of York’s military affiliations and Royal patronages have been returned to the Queen. The Duke of York will continue not to undertake any public duties and is defending this case as a private citizen.”

Then again, in the words of Ron Swanson, “enjoy the fact your Royal Overlords is a frail old woman and a tiny baby.”

The removal means that Andrew means that The Royal Family can say they aren’t involved.

A letter from 150 veterans sent an open letter saying, “We understand that he is your son, but please do not leave it any longer.”

Interestingly, the Queen would listen to their military. Still, the United States military members have no say even when they plead with President Joe Biden’s Administration and open up lawsuits against Biden.

Of course, Andrew isn’t surprised because he’s obviously been between a rock and a hard place and was visibly shaken when he interviewed with BBC’s Emily Maitlis that went over Andrew’s relationship with Epstein and their friendship.

Epstein said that he wanted to find out more of what was going on with Epstein while transitioning out of the Navy and Epstein’s international business dealings were what brought him to get close to Epstein. What followed was the problem for Andrew.

Andrew’s carnal assault lawsuit could reveal more information than the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Giuffre was 17 at the time of the sexual encounters with Andrew, and the repercussions could be very consequential.