Progressives Coming Out Against a Biden 2024

Both Joe Biden and his White House team insist that he’s going to run for president again during the 2024 election. Biden’s determination to get a second term comes as growing numbers of people on his side are telling him not to run.

Just this week alone, a poll showed that 64% of Democrats don’t even want Biden to be the 2024 Democratic nominee. The top reasons listed for this were the job performance of the current president, along with his age.

Growing numbers of Democrats believe their party will be better served by the younger generation having a stronger role, along with a candidate with greater effectiveness in pushing leftist agendas.

This explains why a progressive organization known as RootsAction is joining the chorus of Democrats demanding Biden sit out the next presidential race.

RootsAction on a Biden 2024 Run
In no unclear terms, RootsAction expresses its view that the current president has no business seeking reelection.

A public statement from the progressive group declares Biden lacks both inspiration and boldness. After saying Biden’s got little chance at winning another White House term, RootsAction says keeping Biden as the Democratic nominee in 2024 would be a major mistake.

Next, RootsAction goes on to say that Biden’s incumbent status doesn’t automatically give him the right to stay on as the nominee. The progressive group then claimed that if Biden goes through with his reported plans to hold onto the White House, he’ll be facing a serious fight.

Finally, RootsAction vowed to launch a national “#DontRunJoe” campaign the day after this year’s midterms conclude.

While various left-wing publications have also said Biden should not run for office again, RootsAction has put out one of the strongest statements from the Democratic side that opposes a Biden 2024 campaign.

Not About Age?
Many critics of Biden’s reelection plans cite age as a top reason. After all, Biden will turn 82 not long after the 2024 presidential election ends.

However, RootsAction was clear that its opposition against Biden running in 2024 has nothing to do with age. Instead, the progressive group stated its gripes with the current president are all about “performance.”

It is RootsAction’s view that Biden can’t adequately stand up against Republicans, defend working people in America, or push back against “corporate obstruction.”

To really drive the point home, RootsAction even claims Democrats would have a better chance of winning the midterms if everyone knew Biden wasn’t going to seek another term in 2024.