Psaki ADMITS Joe Doesn’t Require Migrants To Get Jabbed, Refuses To Answer Why

To start, citizens have rights, illegal immigrants have rights, but those rights aren’t equal. That doesn’t mean that illegal immigrants are less than American citizens, but you have to have citizenship in the country to gain every right that all Americans have. And to be clear, that’s exactly how every other country works. The United States isn’t racist or different and generally gives illegal immigrants more rights and privileges than other countries.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to answer an interesting question about the Covid-19 vaccine for illegal immigrants. She was asked if illegal immigrants across the southern border have to get the Covid-19 vaccine when they cross. Psaki said no, but wouldn’t explain why. There’s not an answer to that.

Nobody should be mandated to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but to put it, if the American citizens are being forced to get it, shouldn’t people with fewer rights and privileges be mandated when entering the country? Seems backward.

According to CNN, if you travel to the United Kingdom, you have to show a negative Covid-19 test 72 hours before arriving, but the southern border has no similar policy. So the question is, why? The solution is more convoluted than it appears and far more complicated than Psaki wishes to admit, but she is fully aware of it.

The Democrat party is trying to get more voters. There’s not a central location where illegal immigrants are being transported inside the United States. They’re being spread out to different locations by the federal government. It is because they don’t care about Covid-19 but care deeply about gaining as many voters as possible to win elections in the future. If the California recall election tells you anything, it’s that a widespread immigrant integration inside of a single state will yield Democrat voters. The Hollywood celebrity votes were also included in that statistic, but many immigrants are admitted into California. California has more immigrants integrated into its population than any other state and can be attributed to its voter base.

Not only did Psaki refuse to answer why in the first question, but when asked a second time, she also refused to answer and moved on to a different question. It is problematic coming from an administration that isn’t transparent about its motives, especially when the President of the United States doesn’t answer questions from the press either. I’m not sure why Biden even invites the press to his speeches if he’s not going to answer their questions. He says he’s not supposed to or goes off of a list like an elementary school teacher at an award ceremony even when he answers.

Biden’s administration has to get their policies and strategies together. What they’re trying now isn’t working. More people are quitting their job, and lawsuits are ramping up because of Biden’s new attempt to work around his authority to have OSHA mandate the vaccine or have every employee test for Covid-19 once a week for businesses with 100 or more employees. It’s not getting better, and that’s a significant problem. 2024 can’t come soon enough, and more Biden voters regret their decision every day.