Psaki Gets Blasted With Manchin Questions

Inflation is rising, and nobody can see that more than Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV). Manchin knows that his constituents have his back while going against the Build Back Better Act. Still, Washington, DC, which has primarily been radicalized on the left side of the political spectrum, is attacking Manchin for his decision.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki got many questions about Manchin’s decision at the press briefing on Monday, December 20, 2021. After Manchin spoke on Fox News with Bret Baier, the White House quickly commented on Manchin’s refusal to vote yes on Build Back Better.

The main question that seemed to come up often was if President Joe Biden felt betrayed.

A reporter asked the question point-blank.

“Does the President feel betrayed by his friend?”

Psaki responded, “I think our statement yesterday made pretty clear what we feel about the factual depiction of events that happened. But again, the President sees Senator Manchin as a longtime friend, somebody he worked well together on. And our objective and our focus now are moving forward.”

A true friend will tell you when you’re wrong and won’t cave to pressures when they feel like you’re making a bad decision. It’s clear that Biden has been yielding to the radical Democrats in the party, and his staff and Manchin and everyone else can see that. It’s unlikely that Manchin and Biden are friends even if they had worked together well as colleagues in the past.

When asked about the relationship and communication between Biden and Manchin, Manchin and the White House, and if there is contact between the White House staff and Manchin at all, Psaki responded, “I’m not going to assess or give you an update on specifics from here.”

Does it even matter? Manchin has said no as of now and said that he wouldn’t vote for it because he can’t explain it to the people of West Virginia.

Some of the questions seemed uncomfortable for Psaki. Most of which she diverted and didn’t answer.

This morning on the radio, Senator Manchin remarked, “They drove some things and put some things out that were unforgivable. They are aware of what it is. That’s it. Do you understand what he’s saying? And do you have anything to say regarding his remarks towards the staff?”

It’s not a secret that Biden’s staff runs the show at the White House. Biden is mentally deficient in many ways, and someone has to be making the decisions.

Psaki responded, “No, I don’t. I would refer you to Senator Manchin for a more detailed explanation.”

Wise words.