Psaki Lies About Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Since its rollout, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has advocated the COVID-19 vaccine. Still, because he’s giving a choice to the citizens of Florida, the left has to make false claims about DeSantis and what he’s doing in Florida.

After President Joe Biden promised to get more tests available for months, even after the federal mandate to get the COVID-19 vaccine or get tested weekly, he failed to deliver on any of those promises. The federal government has to scramble because they know they’ve made promises that they aren’t keeping, and the American people are asking some serious questions.

It goes to show that the government is not good at its job. Anything that the government gets involved in goes terribly. Just look at the Division of Motor Vehicles, and you can tell that there’s a disconnect between expectation and reality.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the Republican governor’s plan to give out 1 million at-home COVID-19 tests, and her answer is priceless.

“We have taken several steps to provide tests at a much larger, expansive capacity than that to vulnerable communities across the country. That has been part of the president’s effort to quadruple our testing capacity,” is the response Psaki had to the critical question. The honest answer is that the Biden Administration failed, and if they didn’t, why is it so hard for people to find COVID-19 tests?

Psaki claimed that the administration had sent tests to the most vulnerable communities, and hopefully, they have, but they were supposed to have tests available now.

It is a problem with governmental mandates. If any government gives a mandate, they need to provide the necessary resources to back up what they say. Honestly, there shouldn’t be one, to begin with, but if there is, they need to do a better job if that’s possible.

Then, the insults came in.

“I would say it’s pretty rich coming from Governor DeSantis, given he is somebody who has been not exactly advocating for people in his state to get vaccinated, which we know is the way people can be protected, the way that lives can be saved.”

No, that’s inaccurate. Anyone who received the COVID-19 vaccine can still get the virus. That’s been debunked long ago. There are plenty of therapeutics and the COVID-19 vaccine available, and anyone who wants it can get it. It’s not a secret that it’s open, and just because DeSantis isn’t shoving it down his constituents’ throats doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about them. He cares about them more than most other governors because he trusts them to make the best decision for him and his family.

Psaki arrogantly said that DeSantis’ best way to involve himself is to push the COVID-19 vaccine on Floridians as if that’s the only option or the best option for everyone. Some people can’t get it, and others have religious beliefs that hinder them from receiving it. Then, there’s the rare but essential person, the one who doesn’t want to get it. That’s their right to decide. Psaki can keep her authoritarian opinion to herself.