Psaki SNAPS At Male Reporter Asking Why ‘Catholic’ Joe Biden Supports Abortion

The Catholic faith has long been anti-abortion, and it’s their right to deny communion and other religious practices because anyone supported abortion. Biden has had that trouble and was taken entirely off guard by a reporter who asked, and he said he didn’t believe that would be a problem.

Sen. Cervantez was denied communion because of his supportive vote on abortion, and many other politicians have caught push back because of their views, but not enough.

Catholicism, Judaism, and Christianity all have deep roots in protecting the creation of life. Abortion is the opposite of that, and it’s the dismembering of unborn children. Understandably, the Catholic church would have a problem with it.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about Biden’s faith versus abortion, and she snapped at him. Psaki said that Biden believes it’s a woman’s choice to get an abortion as she smirked on stage. When asked again, because to be fair, she didn’t answer the question, Psaki said that she knows that the reporter, who is a male, hasn’t ever had to make those decisions, but assured him that it was a difficult thing to go through and that Biden believes that right should be respected.

Men should always have a say in the abortion topic. If a man gets a woman pregnant and she decides to keep it, but the man doesn’t want to, he’ll pay child support until the child turns 18 if the two aren’t in a relationship, yet if a woman wants to have an abortion the man has no say or recourse for the action. If abortion is legal, child support should be illegal, period. Her body, her choice, his bank account, his choice. But that will never happen because the court system gets so many kickbacks from child support fees that they would never do away with an unfair family court system that benefits the system when females get more custody. Plus, a lot of fathers aren’t there for their kids. That is not always the case, but it is often.

Back to abortion, the left has assumed that men and women are equal and gender and sex can be determined by the individual instantly, so the fact that he’s a biological male shouldn’t hinder his ability to be pregnant. That’s at least the leftist argument of the equation. Reasonable minds would disagree.

The hysteria around abortion appears to be a mental illness. Many are coming out of the woodwork to say that they can’t wait to get an abortion, and they kill babies at anti-abortion protests. Instead of looking for scientific answers, medical practices are left at the hands of social justice warrior opinions. It seems like a logical new way to conduct medical procedures. As your local Antifa member, ensure the process doesn’t align with the Republicans before getting your tonsils taken out.

Biden is just repeating whatever he’s told. That’s all it comes down to, and he can barely do that. If your press secretary has to understand what you’re saying, you’re an ineffective communicator and unfit for office.