Putin Outraged At ‘Fierce Ukrainian Resistance’ In Kyiv

It’s incredible how quickly standing up to tyranny can swing the tide in your favor, and no more diminutive a despot than Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly furious that Moscow’s invasion has been slowed. According to EU Parliament member and former Estonian Defense Minister Riho Terras, what passes for a plan has begun to unravel.

According to intel cited by Terras from a Ukrainian officer, Russian oligarchs gathered at Putin’s retreat in the Urals say he quite mistakenly thought the war would be a cakewalk. Within a few days, the invasion would be a smashing success.

Terras quotes his sources asserting Russia “did not have a tactical plan” beyond rolling across the border and creating panic among the government and citizenry so they would flee and make installation of a puppet regime a simple task. Putin did not anticipate that Ukrainians would fight to the end behind a young leader who flatly refuses to capitulate.

Even as the invaders blew up a gas pipeline in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, and continued to attack Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and not Putin, who has emerged as the dominant figure in the conflict. And all of this despite the overwhelming advantage in firepower enjoyed by Russian forces.

Putin can only watch as the air dominance he expected to fall in his lap has eluded him due to the unexpectedly determined Ukrainian defense and Sunday’s order for the Kremlin’s nuclear forces to move to high alert because of “aggressive statements” from NATO shows a frustrated leader.

It is a basic military strategy to quickly follow an invasion with a powerful assault to demoralize the defenders and firmly believe they do not have a chance. As Putin has discovered, with each passing day that the Russian military is stymied from assuming control, morale rises. More of the populace is encouraged to take up arms and resist.

Multiple reports confirm a contingency of Ukrainian troops aided by volunteers from the capital city held off Russian troops over the weekend from entering Kyiv. Multiple countries have pledged arms shipments to the defenders, including the US, with an extra $350 million of armaments expedited for Ukraine.

Putin has to be taken aback by the historic shift in German foreign policy, quickly abandoned. The EU country with the most robust economic ties to the Kremlin is also sending arms.

And despite Moscow’s insistence that it is not targeting civilians and does not intend to take control of Ukrainian cities, residential areas and civilian infrastructure has been hit intentionally or otherwise. And as many a military invader has learned in the last century of warfare, invading a country and subduing the population, especially in dense urban areas, are very different accomplishments.