Putin Schools The West On Woke: ‘Been There, Done That’ In Soviet Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin knows what “woke” is and what it causes. When other countries can see that Americans are abusing their freedom, it’s time to make a change. Just because someone has blue hair and knows what the word socialism means doesn’t mean they have the right to change the entire aspect of the United States and abandon the Constitution.

The fact that Americans are free means that there’s a responsibility attached to that freedom. What we have now is an entire generation of people who get their feelings hurt so quickly that they vote for politicians and administrations that are so progressive that they make small, incremental changes to the foundation of the country. The pendulum of political control is swinging so far one way that the force behind it pushes it further each way every election cycle. We have to live with this unpleasant truth, but freedom is not lost.

Putin said, “we see with bemusement the paralysis unfolding in countries that have grown accustomed to viewing themselves as the flagships of progress.” The United States has given way to progress in the world, and because of that, the U.S. often sees itself as invincible. The most problematic should be the dangers within the borders rather than outside them.

He talks about a “requirement to renounce.” It’s not an option that’s given anymore. The censorship and demand that leftists force is unreasonable and fascist behavior. They can call themselves anti-fascists, but they fit the definition of fascism.

Putin has seen this in his history before and should tell everyone what they need to know moving forward.

“It happened in our country before the 1917 revolution. The Bolsheviks accepted Marx and Engels’ dogmas. They also declared that they would go in to transform the old way of life, the political and economical way of life, as well as the entire concept of morality, the fundamental principles of a healthy society.”

A perfect definition of what’s happening in the United States today. The inability to allow for dissenting opinions and conversational nature. Everyone and everything is called racist if it goes against the views of the “elite” Democrat party, and if you aren’t supportive of it, then you get cast out of society. If you don’t get the Covid-19 vaccine, you’re a Trump-supporting redneck, but you’re correct if you force others to inject themselves with it. It’s backward. Nothing is getting better or will get better until people realize that we have to stick together to get out of this. The politicians aren’t for the people anymore. In this case, Putin is correct.