‘Racists Have No Place In Politics’: Dale Ho Is An Idiot And Should Have Never Been A Judicial Nominee

President Joe Biden’s nominees haven’t been getting anywhere lately, and there are good reasons why. Biden’s nominees, such as former ATF Agent David Chipman, have threatened the Constitutional rights of Americans. It’s no wonder most of them can’t be trusted because they also don’t answer questions very well unless you ask them their favorite color.

A video surfaced of ACLU’s Dale Ho, who doesn’t think there’s enough representation for minorities in elections. Ho makes the point that by 2040, 70% of the United States will live in 15 states. Ho said, “that means 30 percent of the country will have 70 seats in the Senate and outside representation in the Electoral College.”

Ho is the judicial nominee for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. He doesn’t seem to understand that the way the electoral college is set up allows representation across the entire country. Only a few areas don’t dominate the federal election.

“It is incumbent on people who care about voting rights to identify the links between restrictions on voting rights and other types of attacks on fair representation of voters of color.”

Does Ho think that voters of color should have more representation than their one vote? That’s racist and problematic to the actual fair representation in elections. Every man and woman is equal.

There’s certainly not a racist form of elections, but Ho says that we need to “acknowledge the importance that racism has played and continues to play in voting rights fights.”

It’s alarming when you hear statements about race and voting rights. When you listen to it, you know that there are about to be some genuinely racist intentions and statements afterward. Whether it be that Black Americans can’t afford an identification or that Black Americans don’t know how to use the internet, it’s going to be there. Ho is no different.

“We must be clear that the peril we confront now is merely the latest chapter in a struggle that has lasted since the beginning.”

No, Ho. That’s not even close to correct. Ho suggests that voters of color aren’t represented as one vote, but somehow as less.

It is the same message, just in a different way. Radical leftists who demand the popular vote be the standard for voting. That’s never the answer. Representation in elections is the fairway to handle federal elections because it gives everyone an equal vote. This “equity” nonsense has to go.