Rand Paul Gives The Correct Version Of The SOTU Address

President Joe Biden may have given his State of the Union speech, but others are giving their own. Biden’s speech was just as disastrous as his presidency and if you watched it, you got the feeling that he didn’t have anything actually to brag about.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) gave constructive feedback in the form of the actual state of our union.

Paul said, “Tonight, you heard a speech by someone who doesn’t know what’s going on in the union. Or, at the very least, he hopes you don’t.”

Biden made several attempts to earn good points, but the only thing that Biden did was tell you what he was going to do. The guy’s had over a year to make one accomplishment that he can brag about and he couldn’t even do that.

It’s a culmination of things that are affecting the American people. Not only are prices rising to astronomical levels, but there’s a looming threat of retaliation from Russia or China that every American knows Biden can’t handle. The man can’t even deliver the State of the Union Address without messing it up, much less go toe to toe with Vladimir Putin or Xi Jinping.

Paul said that “The state of the union is frankly pretty poor and Americans are largely unhappy with Biden’s performance.”

Poll numbers show just how unpopular Biden is within his party. It’s not only Republicans that are tired of Biden’s need to destroy the country from within. Democrats are noticing and are waking up to realize that the country was better only a year and a half ago. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic under former President Donald Trump, the country seemed to be in a much better place.

We’re waiting on the 2022 midterm election that could turn things around or at least slow the process.

Paul noted that parents had been stripped of their rights to raise their children or at least threatened with the thought, and the COVID-19 mandates have crippled the country.