Rand Paul Just Called Out Fauci

Infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci has caused America a lot of problems.

He’s been fully on board with lockdowns and mandates that did not stop COVID as they were supposed to do. What these mandates and shutdowns did manage to do was kill business, cause increases in mental health issues, and otherwise damage society.

Even in spite of all this, Fauci has never come across a mandate or COVID restriction that he thought went a bridge too far. At one point, Fauci was calling for Americans to have to be vaccinated against COVID in order to fly domestically.

To this very day, Fauci is saying that the American public needs to be open to going back to mandates and restrictions that did not work. Thankfully, Fauci is being called out by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), according to The Blaze.

What Every American Must Know About Fauci

Within the past week or so, there’s been a 2004 video of Fauci making the rounds online. In this video, Fauci describes natural immunity as the most “potent” form of vaccination against the flu.

Yet, in recent times, when asked about natural immunity regarding COVID, Fauci claimed that he doesn’t have a whole lot to say on the matter. Still, when it comes to mandates and restrictions, Fauci has nothing to say but one endorsement after the next.

During a Friday interview with Fox News, Sen. Paul called out Fauci’s dishonesty. Paul compared the infectious diseases expert to a “mafia don,” rather than someone who’s actually supposed to be giving health guidance to the American public.

Paul also called out the dangers of people being slammed for disagreeing with Fauci or challenging him in any capacity.

The GOP senator has repeatedly called out Fauci for his various lies about important matters. Fauci was caught being dishonest about gain-of-function research funding and even his previous experiments on beagle puppies.

To say that Fauci is far from trustworthy would be a massive understatement, at this point.

The End of the Road for Fauci

Recent polling has shown that most Americans believe it’s time for everyone to get on with their lives and learn how to live with COVID.

Most of the country doesn’t support a return to social distancing or mask mandates either. In fact, just last month, several airline CEOs wrote to the federal government, calling for an end to mask mandates on planes.

Fauci’s done enough damage to America to last a lifetime. Never again can he get another chance to repeat this.