Rand Paul Warns that Fauci is Lying to Americans

Since Anthony Fauci became the White House’s adviser on COVID-19, he’s been thrust into the national spotlight at heightened levels. Fauci’s given interviews and routinely advocated in favor of mandates and even “forceful” government actions to uphold various restrictions.

On multiple occasions, Fauci’s been called out by Republicans who take issue with his statements and frequent inconsistencies. However, the GOP member who most repeatedly holds Fauci’s feet to the fire is Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

In various congressional hearings, Paul’s directly challenged Fauci on his claims about COVID-19, its origins, and how Americans should respond to this virus.

Now, Paul warns the nation’s leading advisor has been lying to the country about COVID-19.

The Latest From Paul on Fauci’s Deception
Earlier this week, during an interview with Fox News, the Kentucky Republican stated in no uncertain terms that congressional testimony from established scientists proves Fauci to be a liar.

According to Paul, in 2017, a committee was established for the purposes of reviewing gain-of-function research. Unfortunately, though, the committee turned out to be derelict in its duty.

This led to the realities and dangers of gain-of-function research, along with its impacts on COVID-19, being ignored. Fauci previously claimed the scientists reviewed the research in question and determined it wasn’t gain-of-function research after all.

However, Paul informed the nation that this is just not true. Because the scientists on the committee didn’t actually review the research, they weren’t able to determine it wasn’t gain-of-function.

To this day, many details about this committee remain under wraps, too. The GOP congressman told Fox News that both the scientists on the committee and even records of the meetings aren’t permissible for Congress to access.

With many unanswered questions, Paul explained that if Republicans win the midterms in November, they’ll continue the work of investigating Fauci, his public claims, and what he knew behind the scenes.

What Americans Can Be Sure of
During previous congressional hearings, Paul called out Fauci for being deceptive about the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding gain-of-function research.

Fauci previously claimed that the NIH never once funded this work. Meanwhile, now-former NIH director Francis Collins stated otherwise, a reality that Fauci’s steered clear from publicly discussing.

In the weeks and months to come, Americans can expect to hear a lot more about gain-of-function research and its connection to COVID-19.