Raphael Warnock Is In Big Trouble

In Georgia, the Senate race between Republican Herschel Walker and Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is heading to a runoff. This election will ultimately determine whether or not the Republican Party has 49 or 50 Senate seats for the next two years.

Democrats have been working overtime to smear and vilify Walker. Yet, this is all a smokescreen to distract from the very real issues with Warnock and his campaign.

For one thing, the Georgia Democrat’s ex-wife is accusing him of not paying mandatory child support, in addition to being physically abusive towards her.

Then, there are various issues with the church and apartments that Warnock is personally linked to. New developments now reveal the Georgia Democrat’s church could be very well staring down a subpoena, due to its own negligence.

The Story Every American Should Be Aware of
The Atlanta-based Ebenezer Baptist Church faced an inquiry last month pertaining to its charity registration details. Because the church has yet to respond to this inquiry, a subpoena from the Georgia secretary of state’s office could be very well on its way.

Right now, the office is planning on sending Warnock’s church a formal follow-up letter later this month. Should Ebenezer ignore this inquiry as well, this will significantly increase the likelihood of a formal subpoena.

Warnock’s church remains deeply tied in with a charity, along with apartments for low-income individuals. These apartments have also come under scrutiny, amid terrible living conditions and Warnock evicting individuals while also campaigning on the notion that housing is a human right.

All things considered, it looks to many voters as though Warnock puts on a front of being charitable and giving, only to behave very differently behind the scenes.

Georgians, as they prepare to vote, deserve full transparency on what is happening with Warnock’s church, charity, and apartments.

Zero Transparency From Warnock
As the Georgia Democrat campaigns to be reelected, he could very well get ahead of these issues by speaking candidly to voters. He also could have responded to the initial inquiry from the Georgia secretary of state’s office.

Warnock’s lack of transparency, along with the major contrast between his public words and private actions, is all the more reason why he cannot be trusted or reelected.