Rate of Illegal Aliens Evading Border Patrol Soars Under Biden’s Administration

Newly revealed data sheds light on a concerning trend at the U.S.-Mexico border, where the rate of illegal aliens successfully evading capture by Border Patrol has surged under President Joe Biden’s administration.

According to reports from Fox News, Border Patrol statistics obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request disclosed a substantial increase in “gotaways” since Fiscal Year 2020. The numbers indicate that while there were 136,808 gotaways in FY 2020, this figure skyrocketed to 670,674 by FY 2023, marking a significant escalation.

Chief Jason Owens of Border Patrol expressed alarm over the growing number of gotaways, highlighting the risks posed by unidentified individuals crossing into the country undetected. Owens stressed the importance of understanding the motivations and intentions of those evading capture, emphasizing the potential threats they may pose to national security.

These revelations underscore the consequences of Biden’s immigration policies, which critics argue have contributed to a surge in illegal border crossings and heightened security concerns. The administration’s perceived leniency on immigration enforcement has fueled public discontent and intensified the border crisis, emerging as a pivotal issue ahead of the upcoming general election.

Moreover, analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reveals a dramatic increase in the foreign-born population since Biden assumed office. The surge, equivalent to nearly two years of births in the U.S., has pushed the foreign-born population to a historic high of 51.6 million, with illegal immigration accounting for a significant portion of the growth.

With projections indicating a continued rise in the foreign-born population, concerns over the strain on resources and infrastructure are mounting. Despite widespread public sentiment favoring reduced immigration levels, policymakers have yet to address the issue effectively, leaving many Americans disillusioned with Washington’s inaction.

As the Biden administration grapples with the fallout from its immigration policies, calls for comprehensive reform and strengthened border security are growing louder. The upcoming election presents an opportunity for voters to voice their concerns and demand accountability on immigration issues that directly impact national security and demographic stability.

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