Report: Nancy Pelosi Told White House To Consult Laurence Tribe In CDC Power Grab

The CDC eviction moratorium has been in place since June with the support of Biden even though the Supreme Court rejected it. The speaker for the White House, Nancy Pelosi, suggested Biden seek help from Laurence Tribe, a left-wing scholar. The latter has advised the Democrats previously in gaining leverage against Republicans back in 2020. She gave her suggestion to consult Tribe as he might find a way around the Court’s order.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh declared that the CDC lacks congressional approval to carry out the eviction. The Biden administration has taken a two-way train here. Presidential advisor Gene Sperling was sent by the White House to the briefing room to portray to the Journalists that the Biden administration was in no way involved in the eviction and lacked the constitutional authority to do so. Therefore the moratorium expiring as of July 31st will not be extended. But the very next day, Biden took an opposite turn, and the CDC imposed a new eviction moratorium. He has decided to spend enough money on the eviction until the Supreme Court intervenes to strike it down.

The act against the legislative approval is nothing new for Biden and was admonished by the courts in the first six months of taking over the office. During Obama’s Presidency, he declared publicly, again and again, that the administration would not do anything against the constitution but allowed amnesty for illegal aliens in the country, and now Biden has continued to do so ever since he has taken over the Presidency. Similarly, Biden has declared that the administration does not have the constitutional authority to act without legislative approval, but he is moving forward with the eviction. Had it been Trump, the Democrats would have gone crazy by now and initiated an impeachment against him, but because it’s Biden, they have decided to turn a blind eye towards the issue. He has gone against the oaths and promises he made during his campaign and continues to create his norms based on foul play.