Reporter Asks Question To Psaki, She Suddenly Turns And Bolts Out The Door

Press Secretary Jen Psaki lies, diverts answers, refuses to answer essential questions, and runs from reporters. Even the leftist media is starting to play hardball with their questions, and they aren’t letting Psaki by without answering their questions.  

After big tech companies blocked the New York Post’s story of Hunter Biden’s laptop story and President Joe Biden’s involvement, attorney general David Weiss’ cover-up of the investigation, and the media’s constant diversion of responsibility for any Democrat, the press is getting curious what Hunter Biden is up to nowadays.  

Recently, Hunter held an anonymous art sale, at least anonymous to the public, where he sold paintings for upward of $500,000. Hunter doesn’t seem to be of much use to foreign nationals because he’s been exposed. Hunter is free to do what he wants to earn money, but when emails are discovered where the sender references hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars and says “10% for the big guy,” we have problems. The big guy is Joe Biden with his political power and influence.  

Psaki has spread rumors that Hunter Biden’s discrepancies are “Russian disinformation” on Twitter, but that’s turning out to be untrue. The faster you speak, the more you’re wrong. The press secretary should know this.  

According to Politico, the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop are authentic, and the American people need to be pressuring David Weiss on why the investigation is still on hold. Weiss halted the investigation as the 2020 election was nearing because he didn’t want it to sway voter’s opinions when they go to the ballot box. If that were the case, why did Twitter ban content referencing Hunter Biden’s laptop leading up to the election? It would seem that everyone was in on the censorship together.  

Now, we’re nine months into Joe Biden’s presidency with questions of political corruption with overseas energy companies. Interestingly, Biden decided to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline when he took office but waived sanctions on Russia for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. What is Biden’s benefit from doing so? If you want to follow the trail, consider that Biden traded sanctions for an ammunition ban on Russia. With Biden’s disdain for the second amendment, it wouldn’t be surprising that Biden would ban Russian ammunition imports from hurting gun owners.  

Psaki, of course, didn’t answer the question about corroborations of Hunter Biden’s laptop and left the room without acknowledging the member of the press.  

Answers may never be given, and the investigation may never pan out. The investigation would be a nail in the coffin of Joe and Hunter Biden and probably lead to Biden’s removal from office.