Republican Pat Harrigan Nearly Misses Tragedy

In North Carolina, Republican Pat Harrigan is running against Sen. Jeff Jackson (D-NC) to represent the state’s 14th district.

The campaign, like many others across the country, pits America First policies against failed, left-wing extremism. Harrigan has repeatedly taken Jackson to task for his enabling of inflation, crime, and other problems created by Democrats.

In a desperate bid to bolster his campaign, Jackson decided to film an ad outside of Harrigan’s own home. This later led to the North Carolina Republican’s young children nearly being murdered.

Silence From the Mainstream Media
On Thursday, Harrigan was at home when one or more shooters opened fire on his residence. The GOP candidate’s kids were asleep at the time. Yet, one of the bullets landed just a few feet away from them.

The FBI and other federal law enforcement bodies are now investigating this situation, However, the silence from the mainstream media is deafening.

What happened to Harrigan — and what almost happened to his children — is also not being covered in the manner that Paul Pelosi’s attack was covered.

Jackson, despite calls for him to do so, will not acknowledge how he set this in motion by filming a campaign ad outside of Harrigan’s home. In a worst case scenario, Jackson possibly knew what he was doing and hoped for a tragic outcome.

The shooting of Harrigan’s home also comes as Democrats like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton relentlessly attack Republicans as dangerous and fascist.

What Happens Now?
Thus far, Pat Harrigan remains in the running to represent the 14th district of North Carolina. However, his children have been placed into hiding to avoid any future run-ins with danger.

On social media, many conservatives are calling for mainstream outlets to give this story the same attention granted to the Paul Pelosi attack. Then again, the shooting at Harrigan’s house does not give the left wing a narrative that it favors.

By Democrats’ own logic, their words about Republicans being dangerous, semi-fascist, and at odds for democracy incited the shooter who targeted Harrigan’s home. The silence from Harrigan’s opponent is also quite deafening, given the objective role his actions played in this event.

Had Harrigan’s children actually been harmed in this shooting, Jeff Jackson may be potentially facing legal charges.