Republicans Will Have Plenty of Work Ahead if They Retake Congress

If Republicans retake control of Congress in this year’s midterm elections as expected, they will have a mandate from voters to pursue a legislative agenda designed to reduce inflation and crime while restoring American energy independence and securing our national borders. The GOP will also be expected to investigate the numerous wrongful acts engaged in by the Biden family, progressive lawmakers, and compliant intelligence officers.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has said that Republicans will need to convert every Congressional committee into an oversight committee. They will have a number of new investigatory powers at their disposal thanks to Nancy Pelosi’s creation of her January 6 Select Committee.

A number of Republicans have identified some of the most important issues that will be ripe for investigation by a GOP-led legislative branch. Michael Zey described several of the most important things Republicans should be preparing to do in an article published Monday in American Thinker.

Congress should be prepared to look into the failures of the Biden administration and the Department of Homeland Security to secure the southern border from record numbers of illegal immigrants and levels of drug trafficking never before seen.

Biden’s disastrous withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan is another area worthy of vigorous oversight.

Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop and the involvement of the Biden family with Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, and other international businesses leading to millions of dollars in benefits secured through the family’s political influence should finally get the attention they deserve.

Congress will be able to dig into the involvement of big tech companies with manipulating the 2020 election by censoring online reporting and social media to push public and political opinion in desired directions.

Republicans in Washington will be in a position to move forward with investigations brought by Arizona attorney general Mark Brnovich into collusion between Wall Street financiers to cut off financing of domestic energy production in the name of environmental protection. Those efforts allegedly helped drive energy production overseas and led to immense windfalls for connected bankers.

Americans will be able to ask for real investigations into the Department of Justice policy of intimidating American parents by describing them as “domestic terrorists” for expressing disagreement with insane COVID-19 policies and critical race theory instruction in public schools.

Republicans will be able to investigate the true origins of the pandemic and look into Anthony Fauci’s involvement in funding gain of function viral research in labs in Wuhan, China.

An overarching objective of a Republican-controlled 2023 Congress should be to initiate what University of Tennessee law professor Glen Reynolds has described as “clawing back” the power wrongfully claimed by administrative agencies in the name of “emergency.”

Expectations of Republicans are going to justifiably be high, and the stakes of a midterm federal election have never been higher.