Republicans Win As Senate Votes Against Defunding The Police

Democratic leadership is back! Or at least for the moment. Congress passed an amendment that would make defunding police departments a critical mistake for local and state governments.

Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) introduced an amendment in the infrastructure bill that is simple: don’t ask for federal help when you defund your police departments. This amendment comes at an exciting time. Democrats have been claiming they never wanted to defund the police, and they keep repeating themselves like it will change history.

Democrat cities caved to the pressure of Black Lives Matter and defunded their police departments, and restricted their ability to protect communities. These actions have led to many civilians losing their lives because law enforcement is disgruntled. They see the leaders of their communities disrespecting them by speaking negatively about them, and the community has protested against perceived excessive force.

National Police Support Fund released a list of the largest cities that defunded their police departments:

  • New York City
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Baltimore
  • Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Atlanta
  • Minneapolis
  • Seattle
  • Salt Lake City
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Hartford, Connecticut
  • Norman Oklahoma,
  • Austin, Texas

Many other smaller cities have defunded their police departments in many ways, such as moving assets to different city departments or cutting down on staffing.

Regardless of the avenue, the actions are essential. Democrats care more about radical groups and organizations than they do about the well-being of their citizens. The individual citizen doesn’t see the impact of the police on a day-to-day basis. More crimes are stopped because of proactive policing than anyone realizes. It’s not only about stopping enormous crimes. Small crime enforcement frequently disrupts criminals from committing more significant crimes, especially when it comes to drugs. Finding drugs on low levels can be important for hindering the large drug trade.

Another problem with defunding police departments is the risk of the office. When training, equipment, and protection aren’t available, officers aren’t able to effectively enforce the law and respond to calls. Some departments still don’t have body cameras or department-issued rifles and pistols. That’s a problem.

It’s good to see bipartisan support for funding police, but that doesn’t stop the problem altogether. It halts the cities and states from making rash decisions but leaves the door open for it to happen.

Criminal activity is executed by opportunists who wait for the opportunity to strike. The cities have given criminals the opportunity for such acts, and they’ve taken the chance. Crime is surging across the country, and things aren’t going to get better.

The southern border crisis is going to make things worse. We have gang members and cartel members crossing the border every day. They’re going to take up shop across the United States and keep a steady flow of drugs to the places that are hit the hardest because law enforcement is overwhelmed.

It’s sickening to watch it happen because law enforcement has a more substantial dedication to their community than any criminal who commits a crime. Nothing good comes from taking law enforcement away.