Rhode Island Democrats Swing Back And Forth On Mandate

Rhode Island Democrats are pulling back their support for a harsh vaccine mandate bill that seeks to double the state income tax on unvaccinated individuals and also subjects parents of unvaccinated children to a fine.

WJAR-TV reported on Tuesday that the two senators who helped the leftist state Senator Sam Bell introduce the bill on March 1st, had withdrawn their names and distanced themselves from the legislation.

This vaccine mandate required that every state citizen who is minimum 16 years of age needs to be immunized by getting the COVID-19 vaccine. If the individual is under 16 years of age, the parents or legal guardians must ensure immunization or be fined.

Unvaccinated individuals would face a fine of around $50 a month and pay double the state personal income tax. Vaccinated parents whose children are unvaccinated would have to pay the fine and additional tax.

This mandate would also ensure that employers make vaccination a requirement for in-person work within the state, and the businesses could be fined around $5000 per violation.

The mandate was introduced to Rhode Island’s Senate Health and Human Services committee, but nothing substantial has been done about it yet.

State Senators Tiara Mack and Johnathon Acosta were the two who withdrew their names from the legislation.

Sam Bell believes that there is majority support for a universal vaccine mandate in Rhode Island. He cited a report by the Boston Globe that showed Rhode Island is the sixth state in the US with residents who are in favor of a universal vaccine mandate.

He argued that Democratic Governor Daniel McKee should support this bill instead of opposing it since it clearly had the people’s support as well. Although the McKee Administration was pushing for a surrender policy for the mandate, Bell stated that as cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, surrender is not an option.

The survey in question by the COVID States Project showed that nearly 55.3% of Americans are in favor of a vaccine mandate. Last year, the Biden Administration proposed a vaccine mandate for employers with over 100 employees, but the US Supreme Court rejected the mandate.