Ric Grenell Says Intelligence Agencies Had to Assist with Hunter Biden Laptop Coverup

Former Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell told Newsmax last week that the country’s intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice must have helped cover up the Hunter Biden laptop scandal when it broke in 2020.

Grenell said the Chinese Foreign Ministry is “laughing all the way” about how the laptop story was spiked just before the presidential election in 2020 and thereafter.

He added that there was “no possible way” the contents of the laptop, detailing Hunter Biden’s foreign business activities and Joe Biden’s involvement, could have been censored and covered up without assistance from DOJ and FBI officials.

Grenell said that he did not make the allegation lightly, and also said it was not possible that the FBI did not know that statements from the Biden campaign and Democrats like Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) blaming the laptop on “Russian disinformation” were not accurate.

He said that covering up the contents of the laptop also amounted to the “Beijing line.” He alleged that China did not want the details of the relationships between Chinese businessmen and the Biden family to become public knowledge. Grenell said that when the DOJ and FBI stood by as the narrative shifted, the Chinese “loved it.”

Amid recent calls by Republicans for a federal special counsel to investigate the entire laptop situation, Grenell said he would rather see the FBI and DOJ actually do their jobs in investigating the matter. He said the only time a special counsel is needed is when it appears that the DOJ is too biased to do its job. He said that he is “not there yet.”

He said that his time as DNI showed him that there are still many “hard-working FBI agents trying to do the right thing.” However, he said there needs to be multiple prosecutions and a “total clean-out” of the upper levels of management at several intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Grenell also described reports about the suspension of four Secret Service officers who accepted gifts from persons later charged with impersonating federal officials. One of the suspended officers was part of first lady Jill Biden’s personal detail.

He said that the Inspector General and the DOJ need to get involved rather than defaulting to “outside organizations.” Grenell appears to believe in self-policing and expects the DOJ to clean itself up.