RuPaul Drag Race Winner Threatened To Murder Police Officer

James William Ross IV, known by the stage name Tyra Sanchez, recently found himself in the spotlight once again. The 35-year-old drag queen was arrested for threatening a police officer in Starke, Florida, marking his second brush with the law in a three-year period.

According to an arrest report obtained on Saturday, the incident unfolded on May 17, when Ross was involved in a minor car accident approximately 45 miles southwest of Jacksonville. The collision seemed to have rattled Ross’s composure, leading to a tumultuous encounter with law enforcement.

Upon the arrival of the police, Ross reportedly emerged from his vehicle and launched into a verbal assault against the officers, disregarding their attempts to diffuse the situation. Despite their efforts to apprehend him, Ross continued to resist arrest and threatened to shoot one of the officers.

During the altercation, Ross made a move toward his car, but an officer swiftly intervened, engaging him in a physical struggle. Despite the officer’s “bear hug” attempt to subdue Ross, it proved unsuccessful. As a last resort, the officers deployed a taser, but even that failed to bring the raving drag queen under control.

Ross attempted to flee on foot but was quickly apprehended. The Starke Police Department charged him with two misdemeanors: resisting an officer without violence and simple assault on an officer. Sadly, Ross’s journey since winning the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar” in 2010 has been marred with controversy.

Reports indicate that Ross faced backlash in the past, resulting in his banishment from DragCon after making threatening remarks online. In 2015, he told a fan to “go kill yourself b****” and disparaged suicide survivors as cowards who “give up.”

In 2020, he was arrested for allegedly vandalizing an Atlanta apartment complex, where he had been residing as a squatter, leaving the ominous message “Don’t move here ever” spray-painted on a wall. March 2022 saw Ross’s shocking retirement announcement as a cross-dresser — severing ties with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” after accusing the show and its fanbase of racism.

With this recent arrest, Ross’s troubled journey continues, prompting questions about the toll of fame and the challenges faced by reality TV stars long after the cameras stop rolling.