Russia ‘Moves’ Medical Supplies To Ukrainian Border, ‘Raising Concerns’ Over Invasion

Reuters reported this week that Russia has been moving blood stocks and other medical supplies toward the Russian and Ukraine border.

The intimation seems to be that the medical supplies are the last piece of the puzzle required for an invasion of Ukraine. Logistic moves usually are not breathlessly reported by the legacy media, but these are not regular times. Russia has been building up troops and equipment, effectively ratcheting up the temperature in the region.

Russia has more than 100,000 troops massed at the border in this writing. It is not the first time Russia has engaged in brinkmanship, think Crimea, but there is the added element that war hawks in the current Administration seem to want a war to distract from Biden’s first year in office. Biden has some of the worst polling numbers in modern history, and a proxy war could be what the doctor ordered to carry them through the midterms. This political strategy is most certainly false, but it represents a Hail Mary for a floundering Presidency.

That is why reports like these should be taken with a grain of salt. One hundred thousand troops need logistical support in medical supplies no matter where they are. It could be possible that the same moves would have been made even if the army were bivouacked right outside of Moscow. Is this to say that Putin is not going to invade tomorrow? No (there is that pesky Crimea affair popping up again). It just means it is almost impossible to determine anyone’s intentions with the competing messaging by all sides.

Earlier this week, Biden had a call with Ukrainian President Zelensky where he allegedly said, “get ready for impact!” On the other hand, Ukraine is putting out calls for tourism with their “Keep Calm and Visit Ukraine” Campaign (no, that is not an Onion article). Whether or not the shooting is about to start, all sides are engaged in a propaganda war.