San Francisco Becomes Latest To Bring Back Mask Mandate

San Francisco has prohibited businesses from opening, forced citizens to wear masks, and even allowed Black Lives Matter and Antifa to riot in the streets and destroy property and hurt people. It all happened while Nancy Pelosi, the 12th district of California representative, ignored all the rules.

Pelosi, the representative of California’s 12th district, which includes San Francisco, had to have her hair done in 2020 and went to a harbor shop to do it. Of course, those weren’t allowed to be opened due to Covid-19 restrictions in that district. Not only did Pelosi have her hair done, breaking the Covid-19 lockdown orders, but she did so without a mask, which was also part of the order.

San Francisco is preparing another indoor mask mandate that shows that the Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t work as described. Maybe Americans can return it to their doctor for a replacement.

Meanwhile, Michael Osterholm, Biden’s former top coronavirus advisor, said Americans need better masks. It’s not enough that you cover your face, and many places haven’t ever had restrictions for how a mask is worn, but now there needs to be better masked because that’s great for your immune system. Why not just hand out gas masks while you’re at it?

The CDC hasn’t been very accurate when it comes to masks. One minute they say masks don’t work, then they tell you masks work, and you’re forced to wear one no matter what. But the controversy comes with political pressure and has since the beginning.

Regardless of the party line, most reasonable politicians stood for individual Liberty and choice of medical decisions, especially when it came to abortion and transgender surgery. Still, now the Democrats give no option other than their own opinion. “You will wear a mask because we told you to, and if you have a problem with it, we’ll censor you, and you won’t be able to shop, go out to eat, or leave your home” is what they’re telling us.

Most masks used by people, according to Osterholm, are ineffective against Covid-19. Do you understand what works? A healthy way of life and a robust immune system. We appear to be postponing the inevitable. Regardless of immunization status or mask use, Covid-19 will spread. The only thing they’re attempting to regulate is the amount of time it takes. It is not about eradicating the infection. It’s all about keeping you in check as it spreads. The Covid-19 mortality rate in the United States is 1.76 percent, according to the CDC. It equates to 35.2 million cases and 613,000 deaths. It is if it is reported appropriately. With immunizations in place in 65 percent of the US, there should be no increase in covid-19 infections, but there is. In many regions, vaccinated Americans outnumber unvaccinated Americans with Covid-19. Natural immunity, rather than vaccination antibody lifetime, is more likely to blame. More vaccination measures and booster doses will be pressed on Americans as Covid-19 spreads and vaccines become ineffective.

The funny part about these mandates is that it’s always one more thing. Americans have to buy one more item or get one more shot to stay protected, while many politicians suggest Americans can’t get an identification to vote. If you can get a mask, you can get an identification. It’s that easy. Search, and you will find. Even if you don’t have the internet, ask anyone where to get identification or a mask, and they will have the answer for you or point you in the right direction. These are things Americans have been doing for over 209 years. They were helping each other out.

The United Kingdom just came out of a Covid-19 surge with no mask mandate and no lockdown. Everything remained open, and cases went down on their own. The United States would be no different. The government is creating chaos around a fluctuating virus that will come and go, and there’s nothing they can do to stop it. Covid-19 is here for the time being, and more control will not fix any problem. It will only strip away your freedoms little by little.