San Francisco School Board Members Are ‘Outed’ And Mayor London Breed Is Going To ‘Replace’ Them

When San Francisco, California, goes against the Democrat narrative, there’s a great awakening that’s happening. There’s nothing else left but to take away all of the mandates in an attempt to get the Democrat base back on the Democrat side because they’re pushing further to the right than they ever have before.

Three of San Francisco’s school board members were recalled and replaced on February 15, making the district less progressive than some Republican-based school boards.

The members weren’t even replaced, and they were destroyed in the vote. More than 70% of people who cast a ballot voted for three top school board members, including President Gabriela Lopez, Vice President Faauuga Moliga, and Commissioner Alison Collins.

The school board made attempts to change the name of several schools in the district that were named after political figures like Abraham Lincoln, who freed the enslaved people. Did they think that it was going to go unnoticed? It’s true that when you wake up you go broke because now these people don’t have jobs. The backlash has been beautifully and legally executed.

Siva Raj, a father and supporter of the recall, told the Associated Press, “Talk is not going to educate our children. It’s action. It’s not about symbolic action. It’s not about changing the name of a school. It is about helping kids inside the school building read and learn math.”

If you erase history, you forget it. You have to hold firm to every disaster that the world has seen so that you can educate, inform, and stop future actions that led to the disaster that took place. There’s a reason that Germans won’t allow Auschwitz to be torn down.

The terrible part of all this is that San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) will replace the board members. There’s no way that Breed will place anyone reasonable on the board. Breed is a radical who excuses her hypocritical actions because the music took her over. She decided that she and anyone else shouldn’t wear masks regardless of her mask mandate. The hypocritical attitude of Democrat politicians has to stop.