Schumer And Hochul Want An “Expansion” Of The ATF But Don’t Have Anything To Say About The Southern Border

More gun control has been coming since before President Joe Biden was elected. On the campaign trail, Biden wouldn’t answer the question about packing the Supreme Court. Now that Biden’s study group is to see if it would be a good idea to expand the court, Democrats don’t have many moves left to push more gun control laws on Americans.

Chuck Schumer is leading the charge since the filibuster isn’t going away and voting rights will not pass. Schumer asks the federal government for $1.5 billion to get gun violence under control with a new Interstate Task Force on Illegal Guns. Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democrats felt strongly about the southern border? If there’s $1.5 billion available to spend as Congress wishes, that should be their first move.

The task force is headed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul, crazy. Schumer said that the task force will only if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms can “choke off crime.” That would seem to be the point of creating the new task force, wouldn’t it?

In a conference in Manhattan, Schumer said, “The ABCs of beating back the scourge of gun violence depends on three federal letters: A, T, and F.”

The task force is because a man shot two New York Police Department officers, and they both lost their lives. The man used a stolen gun, and the governor and senator believe that the task force could have stopped the event.

Being tough on crime at the lowest levels of law enforcement would have done almost the same thing. Nonetheless, 50 groups across New York and nearby would represent the task force. The goal is to stop gun traffickers, and the focus will be intel gathering, gun tracing, and data-sharing.

The problem with this initiative is that it doesn’t solve any of the issues on the community level. The police departments across the country have been defunded, and so many police officers have quit that communities are less safe.

Taxpayers would be saving $1.5 billion if state and local-level governments wouldn’t have taken away resources that could have hindered the crime in the first place. Low morale has pushed officers into new careers, and if they had stayed, there’s a great chance that the NYPD officers wouldn’t have lost their life and the crime would have never happened.

With the rise in violent crime, the federal government should leave guns alone. The only result from an expansion to the ATF will be more legislation against law-abiding citizens.