‘Scripted Support Is Less Than Non-Support’: Kamala Harris Will “Remember” Genuine Tweets Her Staff Sends

Vice President Kamala Harris is playing damage control after more of her staff leaves, were fired, or, however, they ended up off of her team.

Let’s go over one thing first.

What Russian bot wrote this tweet?

“Hi. My name is David Gins. I work for Vice President Harris on behalf of the American people as Deputy Director for Operations and love my job. Just thought some of you should know.”


That’s the most emotionless tweet that’s ever been posted.

Harris has lost staff since she got elected. It includes the recent resignation of Comms Director Ashley Etienne and Senior Advisor and Chief Spokesperson Symone Sanders.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the tweet and if anyone was directed to post a tweet about being happy working with her. Psaki responded, “I’m not aware of any requests for a positive tweet or a specific tweet. I would point you to the Vice President’s office. But I work with several people in the Vice President’s office who certainly are looking forward to continuing their jobs.”

The reporter asking the question noted that “there was a similar sort of social media push this summer following some negative headlines about ongoings in the Vice President’s office.”

Interestingly, the White House seems to follow the same trend that the former President Donald Trump’s administration utilized. Yes, social media is a great marketing tool. Yes, marketing. That’s all this is. But, it has to be genuine and not bland or recited. Everyone loves a good-off script conversation, and we’re not getting that from this current White House. Even President Joe Biden takes scripted questions and pays close attention to his note cards. Even during the G7 Summit.

The “unscripted tweet” was debunked, and it didn’t take long. Jon Nicosia, President of News Cycle Media, tweeted, “SOURCE: VP Kamala Harris’ staff were “encouraged to show genuine support publicly, and that support would be remembered” the source goes on to say, “unfortunately the Gins tweet worked against that mission.”

Remember? So Harris is bribing her staff now? What is she saying? “Tweet this, and you’ll get special privileges?” That’s odd. Maybe she won’t yell at them as much?

Do you see now? If you don’t think this is all a show yet, buckle up, the brush will get thicker.