Second IRS Whistleblower Charges Hunter Biden Investigation Misconduct

Another day brought another revelation that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigation into Hunter Biden’s misdeeds is not on the level.

The latest allegation came from an IRS investigator who was dismissed from the case. He charged that officials have been ignoring reports that the Justice Department is not conducting a proper investigation into the first son’s financial activities.

The special agent works under the agency supervisor providing Congress with whistleblower information that the probe is fraught with political considerations and dishonesty.

Upstanding agents who attempted to shed light on these actions were met with the cold shoulder by IRS supervisors in the Criminal Investigation Division, according to an email sent up the ladder by the special agent.

The agent along with the entire team was dismissed last week without explanation despite five years on the case. He and his supervisor are expected to provide private testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee on Friday.

The supervisor and 12 agents working under him were relieved reportedly on orders from the Justice Department. He contacted Congress on April 19 and alleged that there was both “preferential treatment” given and false testimony.

That testimony to Congress came from Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Both agents cited patterns of retaliation after they expressed concerns that the probe is being swept under the rug.

The attorneys for the IRS supervisor, Mark Lytle and Tristan Leavitt, sent a message to IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel. They cautioned that bureau actions such as removing the investigative team may “chill the disclosures of other IRS whistleblowers who may wish to come forward.”

Of course, critics would charge that that’s the intent to start with.

This note also followed news that the attorneys discovered “additional reprisals” against their clients. The special agent was admonished through an email that he did not follow the proper chain of command.

He was ominously told that an email to senior IRS officials could be criminal for containing grand jury material. He was further advised to avoid discussing anything related to a case without permission.

The agency has withheld responding to charges from multiple whistleblowers directly. It does, however, maintain that any retaliation against an IRS whistleblower will not go unpunished.

The first son stands accused of avoiding taxes on millions in income he received from foreign sources, particularly during his father’s vice presidency. Some of those sources allegedly interacted with the elder Biden.

Information retrieved from Hunter’s abandoned laptop revealed his writing that he had to split his income with his father.