Sen. Cynthia Lummis: Biden Arrives At COP26 Climate Summit With A US Energy Crisis He Created

Russia and China decided to skip out on the European Climate Summit, and it’s no wonder they are. China accounts for 27% of the global greenhouse emissions, and Russia is close behind.

President Joe Biden did show up, but he brought along his problems. Not only has Biden waived sanctions on Russia for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, but Biden has asked middle eastern countries to increase their output.

The fact is, the United States became energy independent while former President Donald Trump was in office. It worked. Gas prices were down, and America was more independent because of it. There’s no use for Biden to ask OPEC to increase their output if we never had to rely on them from the beginning. That’s why the Keystone XL pipeline was so crucial to the infrastructure of the United States. It meant that there would be more energy available than there was before.

With the further demand for overseas energy, it will be challenging for Biden to get the world to go net-zero on emissions. Biden wants to reduce carbon emissions from the U.S., and he plans to put the emissions on other countries to be a shining example of net-zero emissions. It’s not about native land or national forests at all, and if you buy into it, you’ve been fooled.

The fact that the U.S. has more regulations on production and manufacturing goes a long way as well. Biden knows that it’s easier to pawn those emissions on other countries and still claims he’s fighting climate change. It just doesn’t add up.

Also, it’s worth noting that when third world countries want to lift their citizens out of poverty, we should be much more open to them releasing more emissions to obtain a better standard of living. Then, when they are capable of thriving as a country, we’ll talk about cutting emissions. But, pushing this climate change nonsense on them will only cause them to fall far behind the rest of the world.

Another thing is job creation. The Keystone XL pipeline was set to create tens of thousands of good-paying jobs and other oil projects like Alaska’s Willow Project. So, please don’t listen to Biden talk about job numbers lacking when he’s giving jobs to people in other countries and neglecting to supply jobs to the U.S. to our detriment.

Senator Cynthia Lummis said in an article on Fox News, “I’m happy at any time to sit down with Democrats and talk about real solutions. But the discussion in Scotland, this administration’s actions, and their tax and spending plan will only make things worse.”

It doesn’t sound like Biden is trying to “Build Back Better” in America, he’s trying to build back better overseas, and we’re going to pay for it.