Sen. Kennedy ‘Destroys’ Biden For Siccing The FBI On Parents Who Care About Their Kids Education

Senator John Kennedy (R-KY) is notorious for destroying the left and is now targeting the efforts of President Joe Biden’s administration to use the FBI to target parents who have a problem with the school board curriculum.

Being involved as a parent is increasingly more important now that some school boards have started to get more “woke” in their approval of teaching content. It’s so bad that some school boards have approved nudity, pornographic images and forced transgenderism onto students. All of those issues should be taught by parents outside of the classroom.

Sen. Kennedy said that Biden is sending the FBI to go after parents and children’s criminal activity primarily due to parental involvement. Biden’s administration discourages parental involvement by labeling parents as “domestic terrorists,” the point is lost.

The government is trying to be our children’s parents for how they feel about citizens. They think that nobody is capable and they can do it on their own. It’s dangerous for any government to think like they have more of a right to your child than you do.

Kennedy also said, “Parents have been taking an interest in their child’s education, going to school board meetings. What is President Biden’s response? Well, let’s stick the FBI on them. Now, I’m not defending anybody that acts outrageously at a school board meeting, but that’s a small minority of cases.”

The fact that the FBI has more interest in parents and no interest in the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots of 2020 is baffling. Federal law enforcement has to go against the president when something is immoral and against their agency the same way. Accountability happens when everyone holds their leaders accountable. The same goes for the presidency. Someone has to step in and say no. But that’s not going to happen.

The fact is, parents have to get involved. Every parent has to do their part in expressing their displease in the way schools are run or need to take their kids out of public schools. It’s as simple as that. If more kids leave schools because of these ridiculous curriculum mandates, then the message will get across that nobody is putting up with it. Just like the Covid-19 vaccine mandates, civil protest in large numbers works when you take money out of the government or business pockets.

“Common sense may be illegal in Washington, but it’s not in the rest of America” was the most notable thing that Kennedy said. Every aspect of life comes down to common sense. No, not “common-sense gun laws,” common sense to the ordinary person.

The fact that so many parents are standing up to school boards should be a sign that most parents aren’t okay with what’s going on, and some things have to be changed. That’s how democracy works. If there’s a problem that exists for a large number of people, then make it better.