Sen. Mike Lee Files Nine Bills To Take On Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) isn’t playing around, and other politicians should take notes. Regardless of which party you’re from, government overreach is a huge problem. You may have the power now, but when Republicans are in charge again, you want to make sure the federal government is at bay.

Lee is filing nine bills that would weaken President Joe Biden’s plans for OSHA to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine and limit federal government overreach altogether.

In shorter words, Lee is undermining everything Biden and the federal government is trying to mandate, and that’s a good thing. The Supreme Court will get involved, and it seems that people forget that the FDA doesn’t approve the Covid-19 vaccines available. That limits the scope of the federal government’s mandates, but Biden doesn’t care about that. Biden’s disregard for the law will be his downfall.

The essential bills noted above are S.2843 and S.2846, and S.2849. Those bills will remove any monetary fine, fee, or tax, force the federal government to acknowledge natural immunity from natural infection, and give citizens the ability to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine for personal beliefs.

The federal overreach that has presented itself during the Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented. The virus has an overall death rate of 1.6%. Though that number may seem high, you have to factor in age, unchangeable health conditions, and changeable conditions. Living a healthier life will make a huge difference by giving your body the ability to fight the Covid-19 virus naturally. If your personal choice is to get the Covid-19 vaccine, great, get it. But mandating others who may have natural immunity is disregarding the science of antibody production in the human body.

Sen. Lee said, “As a would-be autocrat, Biden endangers the very fibers of this great nation. Freedom and agency are the hallmarks of the American experiment.” I couldn’t have said it any better. Lee also told Fox News that Biden isn’t a king and doesn’t have the authority to disregard the law to keep Americans safe. The phrase “Those who give up freedom for safety deserve neither” is accurate. People have gotten it in their heads that the government is supposed to protect your health and well-being, but that’s not their job. The job of the government is to protect America’s freedom to choose what they want under the law. Freedom of choice is the fundamental freedom that’s at stake here. Biden realizes that Americans are stubborn and they can read data. They’ve made their choice at this point, and this isn’t a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Vaccinated individuals can get, spread, and die from Covid-19. Though nobody in the White House wants to admit that, it’s true. The White House staff isn’t even required to get the Covid-19 vaccine, so why are they forcing everyone else to get it?