Senate Passes The $1.2 Trillion ‘Crap Sandwich’ Infrastructure Bill

The dithering, posturing, and promises of one thing turned out to be the same costly, pork-laden mess regardless of the bill’s name. Everyone was warned before that something like this may happen. However, to escape accountability for their actions, 19 cowardly Republicans are encouraged as usual, with half of them not seeking reelection. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the Biden-Harris administration won a victory today with the passage of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package. The people of America have sustained an even more significant loss.

Moreover, the Associated Press reports that on Tuesday, with the overwhelming vote after weeks of adjustment, the Senate approves a $1 billion bipartisan infrastructure proposal. A bipartisan coalition delivered President Joe Biden’s programme of Republicans and Democrats who worked together to create the plan. After the Senate, the House would now consider Biden’s “Build Back Better” aims. Nonetheless, numerous members were prepared to set aside politics to provide billions of dollars to their states to rebuild water pipelines, roads, broadband access, and other infrastructure. Additionally, the weeks-long fight to establish an agreement highlighted how difficult it has become for Congress to undertake regular legislation, even on matters of shared interest. After the vote, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that there’d been distractions and everything else, but it would do a tremendous deal of benefit for the United States.

Subsequently, on Fox News’s Ingraham Angle, Los Angeles Senator John Kennedy described it as a measure full of stupid provisions. Republicans are concerned that Democrats would use the reconciliation process to circumvent the upper chamber’s 51-vote threshold and enact a $3.5 trillion “human infrastructure” strategy that incorporates measures on climate change, immigration reform, and social programme expansion. Earlier this week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that the House would not discuss the $3.5 trillion bipartisan deal until or unless the budget had been passed. As a result, this is where the actual poison is hidden.