Senator Dick Saslaw Isn’t Listening To Virginians And Suggests That ‘Tax Rises’ Aren’t A Problem

Senator Dick Saslaw (R-Va.) has proven himself to be an idiot. When it comes to raising taxes on businesses, you can’t just consider the tax rise but a rise in products. Saslaw seems to think that Virginians don’t care about taxes and they’re welcoming it with open arms.

During February’s “Economic and Revenue Review and Update” by Stephen E. Cummings, Saslaw said, “Listening to you, you’d think we were the poorest, most bankrupt state in America, and everything’s going to hell in a handbasket. Companies are lining up. Lining up to come to Northern Virginia. Would they be doing that if we were taxing them out of existence?”

Yes, they do think that. Raising taxes on top of a supply chain crisis and inflation is driving small businesses to the brink of closing down. It is all coming after a COVID-19 pandemic where the government shut down their businesses. So, yes, the American people think it’s more challenging to stay open as a business. And for those that don’t, they’re feeling the pressures and won’t admit that it’s getting worse.

Saslaw added, “Uh, give me a break, how do you explain that, plus the fact that almost none of us here ever get emails saying, well, you need to cut taxes?”

So, if you’re experiencing a rise in taxes, you’ll need to request that your politicians fight back against the rise graciously. Saslaw can be reached at [email protected].

The real issue is that when states and the federal government get more money, politicians tend to give themselves raises. You may have just seen that happen in Michigan.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin ran on reducing taxes and tweeted:

It turns out that Virginians are mainly in favor of cutting the tax and Saslaw wasn’t paying attention. A recent poll also showed that 47% of Virginians wanted to repeal the grocery tax with 25$ who wanted to give tax cuts to low-income Virginians.

The poll included an approval rating of Youngkin so far, showing 41% approved and 43% disapproved. Still, with Youngkin being in office for such a short amount of time, it isn’t easy to see his results this quickly. That’s not to say that Youngkin is doing a bang-up job, but give him some time to get the state adjusted to his changes.

Biden’s support was shown very clearly in the poll, with 40% approving and 53% disapproving. It’s important to note that Virginia is a heavily Democrat state. That’s a large percentage for that demographic. Biden’s polling data on the economy was 37% average from the beginning of February and a 59% disapproval rating. Why are people still listening to Biden on anything? He’s a disaster, and it needs to stop. Vote smart in the 2022 midterm.