Senator Kennedy ‘Illustrated Perfectly’ Why Americans Are ‘Fed Up’ With Biden’s Racist Rhetoric

President Joe Biden is a racist, and Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) isn’t afraid to call him out on it. Biden’s recent trip to Georgia to talk about voting rights showed Biden’s thoughts of tens of millions of Americans.

While on Fox News, Kennedy said, “Biden goes down to Georgia two weeks ago and demonstrates raw gut racial demagoguery.”

Kennedy referred to Biden’s comments about Bull Connor and George Wallace, where Biden compared them to Congressional Republicans and anyone who goes against the voting rights bill. It was disgusting and a lie.

Kennedy claimed that Biden urged Americans “who don’t want an election month, who don’t want an election day, who think that if you vote, you have to prove you are who you say you are” that they might kick rocks. That it’s the count of votes that matters rather than the substance and accuracy of the voter. That’s all politics has turned into. How many votes can we get from whoever we can get them from?

Kennedy continued, “I was angry when Vice President Harris ran in the primaries against President Biden. I was offended when she essentially called President Biden a racist for opposing getting 10-year-old children up at 4:30 a.m. and busing them for two hours. Many Americans, black and white, oppose the bussing she called him a racist for. I thought that was racial demagoguery. It is not helping our country. It’s not helping our country at all.”

The only thing that’s helping the country right now is rational thinking Americans who reject the idea that they’re racist because they don’t fall in line with what Democrats want. After all, it’s a lie, and they belong to a political party but want peace and want to be left alone. That’s where the majority of Americans are right now. They want politicians to stay out of their lives and out of their pockets. That’s not what’s happening with Biden, and it’s not happening with his administration.

Kennedy said it best, “The American people are getting pretty tired of being called a racist or a traitor or Nazi because they don’t agree with the President’s woke neo-socialist agenda.”

Those terms have lost their meaning after the left’s rhetoric has moved ever so slightly towards terms that have been used in the past to describe genocidal maniacs.

Biden didn’t start this rhetoric recently. It’s been part of his personality for a long time. He constantly attacked anyone who disagreed with him or asked a difficult question on the campaign trail. Biden called a man fat and said he was a “d*ck liar.” It’s not surprising that he would use language as he did in Georgia.