Senator Kirsten Gillibrand “Brazenly Rejects” The Mask Mandate

Democrats have brazenly placed COVID-19 mandates in place to the detriment of the public rather than measures that everyone should take to remain COVID-19 free. If they were rules for everyone, then Democrats would follow them, right?

Not only does President Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Eric Swalwell (D-CA) not care about the mandates and policies they’ve put in place, but Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) can join that list (there are too many to mention but those were the most notable).

Gillibrand went to Innovo Kitchen located in Latham, New York, to eat at the restaurant but seemed to forget that thanks to New York Governor Kathy Hochul, there’s a mask mandate across the state. It doesn’t matter, though, does it?

The owner and Chef John LaPosta were furious.

According to LaPosta, the manager returned to his office agitated, explaining that when Gillibrand walked into the restaurant without a mask on, she blasted right through, and there wasn’t time to urge her to put one on. According to LaPosta, the restaurant has a “very, very strict policy regarding masks. We are according to the state mandate.”

“It’s not cool. I’m angry with my employees, who have to wear masks for eight or nine hours a day. She is a member of the system that enforces the regulations. Do you not set a good example? It irritates me,” stated LaPosta of the incident.

Not only is it disrespectful to not wear a mask when it’s required and asked, but blowing past staff isn’t a good look either. It plays into the “I’m better than you, so get out of my way” mentality that Gillibrand seems to have. It is what happens when politicians aren’t held accountable.

But is it Gillibrand’s fault? It should go all the way up the chain to Biden. If Biden can refuse to wear a mask, everyone can refuse to wear a mask. Acting on the top leadership’s example is a new path forward that may very well work for the foreseeable future, but then there’s accountability for citizens and not for politicians.

Innovo Kitchen posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “The problem with NY politics in a nutshell. My Senator was blowing past my manager before she could even ask her to put a mask on.” LaPosta explained that Gillibrand walked past a large sign that said “masks required to enter” and that the Governor requires the masks.

The post continued, “Whether we agree or not, we must follow our leaders as good citizens. Her guest is graciously dressed in one. I presume Senator Gillibrand believes the Governor is incorrect or that she is exceptional and above the rules.”

According to Governor Hochul, “Any violation of any aspect of this measure (NY mask mandate) is punishable by a $1,000 fine per violation. Local health agencies will be tasked with enforcing these regulations.”

Where should Gillibrand’s violation be mailed? Let’s see it, Albany County Health Department!