Senator Ted Cruz ‘Slams’ Commander-In-Chief

In an interview with the Daily Wire, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) did not hold back in assessing how President Biden was doing on the world stage. Some highlights include comparing Biden to failed President Jimmy Carter while opening that the current Administration has already surpassed the Georgia peanut farmer for the title of worst commander-in-chief in only one year and making a claim that “every region on Earth has gotten markedly worse since Joe Biden became President.”

It is easy to be bad at things, but it takes some work to be bad at everything. The Biden Administration has been desperate to divert attention from its failures, most recently wagging the dog on Ukraine. The President has made the invasion of Ukraine a possibility because of his incredible weakness, while at the same time escalating the potential conflict by sending troops to eastern Europe and refusing to say that Ukraine will not become part of NATO (which it is doubtful to be able to do regardless of what the West wants). Biden has created his own Ukraine crisis by being weak where he should have been strong (Afghanistan) and acting tough where he should try to be more nuanced.

Even worse, the Administration has now delegated the task of solving the problem in Ukraine to none other than Kamala Harris. The Vice President will attend the Munich Security Conference in the hopes she can solve the crisis in the same way she tackled the calamity at the US border, which is to say not at all. Twitter was non-plussed but accurate.

Cruz lamented that Biden is lifting the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline sanctions on other matters. The project allows Russia to transport its natural gas without going through Ukraine, making it more likely that Putin would realize his territorial aspirations for the country. The Senator from Texas is correct in his analysis. Germany has been recalcitrant to join with other NATO partners to pressure Putin to back down from his troop buildup threatening Ukraine. It seems the Germans are more concerned about energy in the winter than doing what the President wants them to do.

Biden has been weak both internationally and domestically. He has historically low polling numbers, and the world’s leaders are watching. Hopefully, the world can handle having Joe Biden as President for the rest of his term. Regardless, we know how Ted Cruz feels about it.