Shelves In The US Are ‘Trending On Twitter’ And ‘Biden Is To Blame’

No matter what President Joe Biden’s Administration tells you, there’s no magical speech that will substitute for proof that’s streaming in from across the country of shelves in grocery stores that are empty.

At the same time, the shelves are empty, Biden wants to break up meat packers. There’s nothing that the country needs more than contention between food producers and the federal government. Honestly, is it that hard to believe that with inflation rising and a California law that took effect on January 1, 2022, there’s not a question that this is why meat prices are rising. Federal regulation is causing a lot of problems in the United States. There can be a discussion about the humane treatment of animals, but it needs to be reasonable.

There are empty shelves in Virginia, Washington, DC, Texas, Atlanta, and more cities and states coming in with pictures. It’s not something that’s going away quickly.

The supply chain crisis isn’t over. California and its regulations have made it very difficult to manage the problem across the country when Biden wants to push a COVID-19 vaccine mandate on truck drivers, leading to a shortage of truckers. California brings in 40% of the products in the United States transported by water, making it challenging to manage the supply when both California ports get bogged down. What is the federal government thinking, and how do they think this will help? Given that you can get COVID-19 even when you’re vaccinated, this will lead to a shortage because of the vaccine mandate and COVID-19 when drivers get infected when they’re vaccinated. It’s a recipe for disaster across the board. There’s no end to it, and it only gets worse from here.

It’s not only a problem of products being made in the US. It’s a problem with the parts that each product is made from. If a supplier makes Legos in the US, but the plastic is imported, then you have a supply shortage on Legos. That’s not to say that Legos are made in the US or import plastic. That’s just a hypothetical example.

New York even has a shortage of cream cheese, which makes people uncomfortable because they love their bagels and cream cheese.

The left is denying it’s even happening like they’re in the “Don’t Look Up” movie.

One user tweeted, “Jack Posobiec, CatTurd, Ryan Saavedra, James Lindsey, and a few others are behind the #BareShelvesBiden hashtag. It is in no way organic, and I hope @Twitter will look into the use of prohibited third-party tools here.”

The problem is that it’s not against Twitter guidelines for people to post pictures of shelves in stores. The “BareShelvesBiden” hashtag would be the only thing that communist Twitter might have an issue with if they deem it offensive to the federal government daddy that they answer to.