Shepard Smith Out Of A Job?

Within the past several years, trust has significantly declined in the mainstream media. This is largely due to outlets putting their own partisan agendas over the importance of reporting the news.

To this day, a fair amount of news outlets continue to prioritize partial reporting and giving the political left a boost. This is why so many of their ratings are falling.

Across the country, Americans are turning to alternative news outlets — such as Newsmax and One American News Network — to find out what is really happening in the world.

As mainstream media outlets continue to struggle, NBC News anchor Shep Smith is projected to lose his job soon enough.

Bad News For Shep Smith
Smith’s show, The News With Shepard Smith, is not going to continue for much longer. As NBCUniversal makes some changes, Smith’s show will instead be swapped with coverage of the economic markets.

Furthermore, Smith himself will soon be on the way out. Smith’s team will likewise be given pink slips as NBC is working on reducing overall expenses, part of which involves laying off workers.

The president of CNBC recently sent out an email to staffers to brief them on upcoming changes. In this email, workers are made aware that the company is going to truly hone in on news that relates to personal finance and business.

Because of this new shift, “difficult decisions” are going to follow in the weeks ahead. CNBC is apparently going to work to help staffers linked to Smith find jobs elsewhere in the company. However, there is no word on what comes next for Smith himself.

Similar Situations For Other Media Outlets
NBCUniversal is far from an outlier when it comes to mainstream media outlets having a difficult time.

Like the CNBC president, CNN CEO Chris Licht also notified workers of various changes to come. Recently, Licht informed that some CNN employees may find themselves “unsettled” with new directions and possible layoffs to come.

With fewer ratings and rising inflation, news companies are having to evaluate how they do business. Even more, layoffs than currently projected could be coming as inflation and interest rates, in general, keep on rising.