Snow May Disrupt The Left’s Much Anticipated January 6th Anniversary

Sometimes there’s a possibility that God, fate, karma, or whatever you believe in pushes people back and delays certain events to make sure that there’s a clear delineation between what’s right and what’s wrong. Not right in the political sense, but correct in the natural decision-making process that should have taken place.

There wouldn’t be so much division if the left would leave the January 6th Capitol Riots alone. It’s already been made very clear by the opening statements by Liz Cheney, the Democrat posing as a Republican, where the texts that were read show more of a lack of planned insurrection and more of a shock and surprise from everyone surrounding former President Donald Trump to include his son.

The snow that Washington, D.C. got coming into the January 6th anniversary is hilarious. It stops traffic in its tracks and halts any large events that are supposed to occur. Best of all, CNN is planning on hosting many of the events, and we all know how that’s going to play out. There’s going to be crying and moments of silence for “democracy that was almost stolen.”

It’s unlikely that politicians who wanted to get coverage at the January 6th anniversary show will be able to make it. If they can’t drive in because of the weather, they certainly won’t be able to fly to Washington, D.C. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is still in Florida, she’ll probably be staying a few extra days in the Hell hole that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis created for free Americans. Hopefully, she won’t have too much fun maskless enjoying the sun. She’s got to get back to D.C. to act miserable and stare at Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) while he acts like a reasonable adult.

Most will have to rely on Zoom to rant about conservative values and how freedom destroys the United States. At the same time, they try to rally their base voters ahead of the 2022 midterm election and get their soundbites ready for social media.

In all honesty, if Republicans paid 0 attention to this whole spectacle and acted like it never happened, then it would be the most excellent large-scale troll that’s ever been executed. Yes, there needs to be coverage of the January 6th Commission activities, but the anniversary hit piece should be ignored as if it never happened. There’s no reason to give it attention, and doing so only fuels the fire of the left to push forward and use the right sound bites against them and twist it just like Adam Schiff (D-CA) turned Jim Jordan’s texts.

Either way, keep it reasonable and don’t allow the left to attack you. That’s more so for the politicians who will be waiting on Twitter and other social media sites to discredit the entire debacle.