Socialist Dictators Make The List For “Democrat Inspirationalists”

Don’t you love it when Democrats quote socialist dictators? Whether it be the peaceful but deadly Che Guevara or “insert your favorite genocider here,” you have to ask yourself how that person was elected to public office in a constitutional republic. Either they lied on their way up or were honest, and people voted for them. Both are equally frightening.

The new voting rights bill is full of surprises! Aren’t all bills? Their massive number of pages and push to vote before anyone can read them make the public comfortable. If you complain about it, you’re a bigot and a racist.

The voting rights bill includes ballot harvesting, elimination of voter identification, and taxpayer-funded campaign financing. So, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she’s a socialist, you have to pay for her election. Isn’t that great?

Then again, if you accept payment as bitcoin, you might get around paying taxes, and the government can’t get you. That’s a joke, but it makes you wonder how you can get around all of these ridiculous taxpayer-funded programs.

Everyone remembers the Snapchat videos of ballot harvesting that Project Veritas uncovered. That would be a reality across the country as partisan party personnel come to homes, apartment buildings, and nursing homes to gather as many votes as they can, all at the taxpayer’s expense.

Is it convenient? Not. It’s an invasion of privacy on constitutional rights. That’s the conversation that should be happening at every level of government. When a ballot leaves someone’s hand, there’s no guarantee that it will get to the ballot box. That’s not to say people are throwing away ballots, but what would happen if a ballot got lost in someone’s vehicle or the vehicle wrecked and the ballots were destroyed.

Democrat Representative Hakeem Jeffries admitted that the voting rights bill was drafted with Hugo Chávez, Venezuela’s former dictator. Is anyone surprised? When you control the vote, you control the country.

Jeffries said, “Inspired by Hugo Chávez, Cesar Chavez when inspired by all of these leaders.” during a press conference about voting rights.

What’s wrong with this world? The only inspiration you should get from bad leaders is what not to do while in office if Jeffries is inspired by a man who formed an insurrection against his government in 1992. If that’s the case, then Jeffries should be trying to help the January 6 Capitol Rioters, but that wasn’t an insurrection according to facts, only perception.

The 2020 election was so secure and perfect that there will never be a fair election again if voting rights bills aren’t passed. It’s hilarious to think about. The voting rights bill includes almost every major complaint by people who said widespread voter fraud.