Some Are More Excited Than Others For A Potential Clinton 2024

Some people are still in Hillary Clinton’s corner, making the world we live in the craziest it’s ever been. Clinton not only pushed Russian collusion but had her Administration spy on former President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. It must not have worked because Clinton still lost.

Americans will be wasting their money if they donate to Clinton’s campaign. The only thing worse than our current president would be Clinton as President. Biden appears to do out of incompetence would be Clinton’s doing on purpose.

There’s too much that Clinton has been involved with for consideration for President. Benghazi, Russia collusion, Haiti, emails, and many other things should make Clinton completely ineligible for election to any office.

Attorney Marc Elias, the founder of Democracy Docket, is more excited than anticipated with Clinton’s new political attention.

Democracy Docket suggests expanding the number of representatives in Congress and removing suspected illegal voters from voting rolls who don’t prove their citizenship. Real great people over there.

Elias tweeted, “There have been so many things I have wanted to say in the last 48 hours. I will leave it at this: #ImStillWithHer.”

This type of radical rhetoric means that Democrats are further gone than we initially suspected. If it weren’t going to affect the political nature of the United States, then it would be fascinating to watch.

Responding to Elias, one Twitter user said:

It may be mean, but Clinton isn’t even at the forefront of her marriage. Bill Clinton was having sensual relations with everyone but Hillary back in the day. Though that might have calmed down, Bill was still wearing a dress in a Jeffrey Epstein painting, showing he may be more erotic explorative than initially expected.

Still, if Hillary runs for office again, the debates against Trump would be even more legendary than they were the first time. Maybe Trump will invite all of the females Clinton tried to destroy after her husband was nooky with them. That’s what makes Clinton the worst political candidate that the Democrats could push forward, which is why they should do it. Easy win.