Soros Shamelessly Tries Positive Spin on Crime Wave His DAs Wrought

Billionaire radical leftist George Soros took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal Sunday for an op-ed to defend his indefensible record of pouring millions into progressive district attorneys that cities no longer want any part of.

To borrow from the famous clip of the McCarthy hearings in the 1950s: “Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

For the record, Soros has spent over $40 million in the past ten years to place radical progressive prosecutors in half of the country’s largest jurisdictions. At least 75 are now in office, and they represent a whopping 72 million Americans.

That’s 20% of the nation.

Soros claims that the demographics of the prison system are proof that the system is broken and injustice undermines American democracy. He asserts — minus evidence — that investing more in jobs programs and mental health issues will reduce incarceration rates.

He even further states that his agenda is based on “both common sense and evidence,” and it’s popular. Really?

Has anyone informed the 91-year-old liberal donor of the mass exodus from these urban areas he thinks he’s “saving?” Has he heard of former San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, a progressive darling recalled for being too soft on crime in the liberal capital of the nation?

Or perhaps radical Los Angeles DA George Gascon, who may well also be booted out of office later this year by fed-up California voters?

Liberals love to blame urban blight and crime-ridden areas on nebulous concepts such as “disinvestment.” What that really means is that most of the decent and hard-working people fled for their safety and left the rest behind.

But for Soros and his ilk, crime is always the fault of someone other than the criminal. If someone gets shot, blame the gun. Robbery is simply the system failing to provide what a person needs so they must go out and take it for themselves.

Conservatives have long recognized this way of thinking for the road to perdition that it is. And with the exception of Soros and a few die-hards, even liberals are coming to the realization that crime must be treated seriously, and punishments must have meaning. There is no other way.