‘Sound of Freedom’ Screenings Canceled On Military Base

Screenings of the blockbuster film “Sound of Freedom” scheduled to be held at U.S. Southern Command, otherwise known as Southcom, were canceled after a left-wing news outlet contacted them with false claims about the movie.

Two reporters from The Military Times, both of whom are alumni of the far-left outlet The Texas Tribune, reportedly contacted Southcom to inquire about the screenings — after which they were abruptly canceled.

In their report on the matter, The Military Times smeared the movie as “QAnon-embraced” and “Christian-faith-based” in their attempt to discredit it. The reporters also tried to smear Tim Ballard — who is the real-life inspiration for the film, which is based on his career as a Homeland Security agent and his ongoing personal mission to rescue children from human traffickers.

The outlet cited smears of the film from supposed human trafficking and exploitation consultant Sunnetta “Sunny” Slaughter — who was quoted as asking: “What is the idea and the ideology behind putting this on a military installation? Is this some form of indoctrination into an ideology of extremism?”

Southcom headquarters in Doral, Florida, was scheduled to hold screenings of “Sound of Freedom” on August 28 and October 19 — and had even sent out an email flier inviting all locally-based personnel to attend.

The email stated that the screenings were being held “in support of SOUTHCOM’s mission to promote respect for human rights and combating trafficking in persons in Central and South America and the Caribbean.”

“The showing of this film does not imply or constitute endorsement by the U.S. Army nor SOUTHCOM,” the email stated at the bottom.

A later email announced the cancellation of the film screenings, claiming that the decision was made in order to “prevent the appearance of copyright infringement” — adding that “the film is currently available to view at local theaters, and personnel and their families who would like to see the film are encouraged to do so.”

Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec, a former Navy intel officer, blasted the Department of Defense (DOD) for canceling the screenings — noting that the military is perfectly fine with holding “child-friendly drag shows” at military bases, but is afraid to screen a film exposing child trafficking.